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The differences between loose leaf tea and traditional tea bags are numerous, and it goes far beyond apprearance. The leaves used in most bags are actually the “dust and fannings” from broken tea leaves. This is a huge compromise in quality from full leaf tea. Finely broken tea leaves have lost most of their essential oils and aroma. When steeped, they release more tannins than whole leaf tea, resulting in bitter astringent brews. The material, shape, and size of the bags themselves are also important factors. Most tea bags constrain the tea leaves, keeping them from expanding to their full flavor and aroma potential.

Although not every day allows you the time and tools needed to make loose leaf tea, that doesn’t mean you need to compromise quality for convenience. See for yourself.
Tea leaves need room to expand for full-bodied flavor. This is the reason tea balls are not ideal for brewing loose leaf tea. Standard tea bag material is often low-flow, preventing the brew from diffusing beyond the inside of the bag. (Ever notice the dunking, swirling, and squeezing required to brew traditional bags?) Paper tea bags collapse onto the leaves, preventing their natural unfurling. Sometimes you can even taste the paper material in your brew, adding insult to injury.

Bottom line – whole leaf teas provide you with more flavor, aroma, antioxidants, and pleasure than the tiny leaf bits and stale tea dust in most mass-produced tea bags. Typical tea bags are produced on an industrial scale and may sit in a warehouse or on a shelf for a long time before you ever get them. These low-grade leaves are usually picked, processed, and packaged by machines overseas. In contrast, our premium teas are carefully hand-selected and crafted by tea masters. We then micro-blend and pack them in the USA in small batches – into our air-tight, light proof, reusable stainless steel tea tins, assuring that you get fresh handcrafted tea from this year’s crop.

We do this so you never have to compromise quality again! You will find unique and high quality loose leaf tea blends EcoTeaHouse.com. Contact us today if you have any questions


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